Journal of Library Science in China

Journal of Library Science in China (JLSC) is one of the national journals in library and information science. It is jointly sponsored by the China Society for Library Science and the National Library of China, under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture, People's Republic of China.

Since its founding in 1957, JLSC has been making its contributions to the studies in library and information science and the development of librarianship. It has won the prize of "Excellent Journals" in the four evaluations in the last quarter of the twentieth century.

With professionals, teachers and students in library and information science as its major audience and with academic research and exchange in library and information science as its mission, JLSC is a specialized academic journal publishing results of academic research and exchanging academic opinions, in order to promote the development of Chinese librarianship.

Because of its strict selection, papers published in JLSC reflect the highest level of the studies in library science in China, and include many papers on the results of national or ministerial research projects. According to statistics since the middle of the 1990s, citation and reprint rates of papers in JLSC rank first among journals in library science in China. Therefore, it is included in the core national journals, and is listed in many international indexes and directories, such as Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory, Library Literature and New Serial Titles.

JLSC calls for papers from China and abroad. It can also provide advertising and subscription services.

The editorial board of Journal of Library Science in China

Chief editor: Han Yongjin

Deputy chief editor: Zhuo Lianying

Vice chief editor (by name sequencer):

Chen Chuanfu, Wang Yuguang, Wu Xi, Zhang Xiaolin, Zhu Qiang

Editorial Committee (by name sequencer):

Chen Chuanfu, Chen Wanyin, Cheng Huanwen, Fan Bingsi,

Carolyn Olivia Frost (US), Guo Xiangdong,

Guo Youling, Han Yongjin, Ke Ping, Leng Fuhai,

Li Guoxin, Ma Haiqun, Ni Xiaojian, Shen Guchao,

Paul Sturges (UK), Wang Dongbo, Wang Rongguo,

Wang Shiwei, Wang Yuguang, Wu Weici, Wu Xi,

Xiao Ximing, Ye Ying, Yu Liangzhi, Zeng Lei (US),

Zhang Xiaolin, Zhang Yong, Zhu Qiang, Zhuo Lianying

Editor: Wu Shushi, Yuan Hao, Zhi Juan